5 tips for making the most out of your wedding day

Tip Number 1 – Listen to music you love and that people like to sing along to while you are getting ready for your wedding. It will put everyone in a good mood and keep everyone calm.

Check out this playlist on Spotify –

Tip Number 2 – Wash (twice) and dry your hair the night before the wedding if you are wearing it down. It will be fresh and ready for the morning without having to worry about drying it. Oily hair does not style well and can be unpleasant to work with. If it’s clean, your stylist can add hair products to it and simply style with GHD’s or tongs. You’ll be able to have a quick shower or bath in the morning, totally stress-free. Share this tip with your bridesmaids!

Tip Number 3 – Start getting ready a little bit earlier than you think you will need to and plan on having some breakfast so that you can maintain your energy. If you get ready at the last minute, you will also miss out on the experience of spending quality time with loved ones and friends.

Tip Number 4 – In case you are thinking of skipping the veil, try more than 2 styles and consider having one for photos even if you are unsure. It will make your photos more interesting and photographers love them when capturing creative shots.

Tip Number 5 – Hire a wedding coordinator to help you with tasks on the morning of the wedding. Or if you want to save money, designate a bridesmaid to take care of your phone and answer your calls and messages. Even if you have a small wedding, this can relieve a lot of stress and pressure to remember everything, especially if you have planned a lot of elements yourself.

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