The Ultimate Sleeping Beauty Guide


You are what you sleep in! Elevate your bridal look by sleeping with silk

We often give a lot of thought to what we eat, but do we also think about what we sleep in? I’m often asked by brides what I can recommend for hair growth, breakage, and better skin. So my first question in response is, “Do you have a silk pillowcase?” and most often the response is “No, why?” Then my reply is a deep sigh…


The scene

It’s the morning of your wedding and the sun is shining on your big day, but your hair looks as if you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards, and your skin is terribly creased. Do not despair! I have one very helpful tip for preventing this dreaded experience.

Sleep with silk.


What are the benefits? 

Silk is a natural fibre which won’t take the natural moisture away from your hair & skin.
Once you’ve removed your makeup for the night and applied your coveted serums, this will enable the moisturemagic to work effectively. It will also balance the natural oils of your skin and hair, and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day.
Another benefit is that your hair won’t catch on your pillow while you sleep. Your hair will be glossy without unsightly bed head. This is also an exceptional tool for improving the length and condition of your hair, and an absolute “must-have” as this will help you to maintain the integrity of your luscious locks while you sleep.

Tip – Silk is a fibre and Satin is a finish. Opt for Pure Silk as this is a natural fibre. Polyester just won’t cut it.

butterfly_blog_post_silk_items-02-01-01-01 Feel as delicious as you look

Some fabulous products I can recommend for this, (pictured above) are the SILKE LONDON Hair Wrap which is amazing for protecting the hair from abrasive cotton, and redistributing hair oils to achieve the ultimate good hair day. Try “The Sophia” (£45.00) at

HOLISTIC SILK also offers a range of luxurious sleep items such as their Eye Masks (£52.00) and Anti-Ageing Pillowcases (£55.00).

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