Q1: How long does a design appointment normally take?

A1: It normally takes around 2-3 hours and we highly recommend you work with the artist on their own or with a maximum of 1 other person present. It can be a lot more pressure for the artist and also for yourself when there’s a crowd. The artist can focus solely on you and communicate with you directly about your ideas.

Q2: Is there a studio or salon where I can go for my design appointment? 

A2: There are a few artists on the team who can provide premises for you to visit and if they can accommodate your design appointment there, we will let you know.

Q3: Do you provide lashes? 

A3: The artists do often have lashes in their kit though we have a quick turnaround for our bookings so we do kindly ask that you have these available for the artist to apply on the day. Please let us know so that we can factor this into the final itinerary as this will take additional time.

Q4: Can I add people to the booking? 

A4: Yes, we do often need some notice for this (at least a couple of weeks), and in some cases, there may be an additional artist fee. Please use the get in touch form to update us about this request. You can also visit your original booking quote link, and ask a question on there.

Q5: Can I remove people from my booking?

A5: Unfortunately, due to our booking terms and conditions, we do not amend bookings once they have been confirmed. We can only add services to the booking.

Q6: Will the artist who attends my design appointment also be with me on the wedding day?

A6: The artist who attends your design appointment will also be scheduled for your wedding day. In the event of a serious illness or family emergency, we may need to assign someone else from the team to attend, but we will do our very best to avoid this.

Q7: Is travel included with the services?

A7: Travel is not included with the services and additional fees may apply. In some cases, we are able to provide the charges for this during the quotation process in which case this will be added in advance. Most often, we advise of this within 30 days of the wedding. For Central London, Parking and Congestion Charges may apply. The card used for payment at the time of your booking may be charged for any additional fees incurred and in cases where the artist(s) are required to stay later than planned on the itinerary.

Q8: Can I use my own makeup or hair products?

A8: You can provide your own makeup for the artist to use during your design appointment and/or wedding day. Please speak to the artist about this directly. Any purchases for skincare, lipstick, or hair extensions should be arranged through Butterfly directly.

Q9: What do I do if the location where I’m getting ready is remote and there is limited mobile phone signal?

A9: Please provide clear directions in your forms, emphasizing this and we will inform the artists.

Q10: Will you put on my dress or veil?

A10: The artist will often dress the bride and do final makeup touch-ups after the dress is on along with placing the veil. Photographers will often photograph bridesmaids or mothers “pretending” to do up the dress but we are happy to step in so that they don’t have to do the hard work completely. Especially as most of your guests are very made up at this point and it can be very awkward for them in their dresses.

Q11: Do you also do hair and makeup for special occasions in case I want to book your services again for a gift or birthday?

A11: We receive a lot of referrals from our weddings and we are always happy to see our lovely brides again. We welcome you to keep in touch with us through our Butterfly Instagram and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to use our services again. We are often able to offer you a special deal! Please feel free to keep in touch.

Q12: Can you stay and do touch-ups after the ceremony?

A12: If the artist is able to stay and provide touch-ups for you, this will be arranged in the final itinerary. Otherwise, if they are able to, they may offer to do touch-ups if they’ve not yet left the venue once the booking is completed.

Q13: Can I use hair extensions on the day?

A13: Yes, most of our brides purchase these from us directly in our shop. These are a hygiene product so they are ordered completely bespoke and are 100% human hair which can be curled and dyed if needed. If you would like to book a  consultation before your design appointment, please get in touch.

Alternatively, if you are providing your own and not purchasing them from us directly, we recommend that you check the clips and ensure that they are all sewn on properly in advance of the wedding day. We also will need to know if your additional guests will be bringing these as this will affect the timing for the artist. For extensions more than 120 grams or longer than 18inches, this could add additional time to the booking. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Q14: Who do I call on the morning of my wedding if I need to contact someone?

A14: We have strict policies with our artists regarding our clients’ data and most will not be provided with your contact details directly. They will have the location and specific details which are provided for your location. If you are concerned for any reason, please get in touch and we will make special arrangements if needed. If you are staying in a hotel, you can advise the reception staff that you are expecting them. In some cases, they may arrive slightly earlier than planned to set up in which case we kindly ask that someone is available within 15 minutes of the scheduled booking to let them in to set up.

Q15: What do I do if I want to change anything after my design appointment?

A15: If you have new ideas or elements about your styling that you would like to tweak/change on the wedding day, please make a note of this and get in touch with us through the form. We will communicate this to the artist directly so they are prepared for you. If you would like to book in an additional design appointment please let us know so that we can arrange this for you.

For additional questions, please get in touch.